Corporate Information

Over its history of more than 100 years, UBE group has continually responded successfully to the changes in society and in the industry by developing a wide range of advanced business solutions and by manufacturing a large variety of state-of-the-art products in fields such as:

- Chemicals and Plastics
- Specialty Chemicals & Products
- Pharmaceuticals
- Cement and Construction Materials
- Machinery and Metal Products
- Energy and Environment

 Thanks to innovation, UBE's most important skill, the company responds to the changes in society and their repercussions in industry. This drives the company, contributes to its development and has become UBE's identification as a creative industrial corporation.

 Over a Century, these values have been passed on from person to person, from country to country and from continent to continent, and this has allowed the corporation to become one big family consisting of more than one hundred fourty companies around the world, all of which are grouped around UBE Industries, Ltd., the Japan-based mother company.

 The keywords at UBE are technology, progress and reliability.  These concepts support the group in the creation of new products and applications that provide industry with improved business opportunities. The company's commitment to society is what has driven its development over the years and UBE is now a supplier to a wide range of industrial products.

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